The Public 8 Ball

How It Works Note: This is not some cheesy imitation 8 ball written in a web script. This is a real 8 ball being shaken and read just for you. I mean, you wouldn't use a voice-mail psychic, right? Why would you use a CGI 8 ball? It just doesn't make sense. The 8 ball currently on duty is a recent Mattel manufactured model number 3048AA, housed in a custom built Lego Mindstorms shaking cradle, triggered and watched by a Linux computer. 50,000 years of technological advancement has culminated in a system to bring you mysticism on demand. Anywhere in the world, 24x7, Y2K certified.

You should be aware that from time to time the Public 8 Ball will be restricted to private viewing. I highly recommend that you acquire your own 8 ball to ensure timely availability, or maybe a tiny key chain version note: the keychain does not have the proper responses, it may just be a toy..

The 8ball is offline until November of 2010

The 8 ball, your browser is busted if you see just this text.
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The Public 8 Ball would not have been be possible without:

There are a bunch of lame computer simulations of 8 balls on the web. I've listed some here for you.
Its a big web and the 8 ball graces many of the best pages, such as these.

The Public 8 Ball was conceived and assembled by Jim Studt, he can be reached at